Professor of Religious Studies Publishes Sixth Book

Dr. Cliff Cain, Professor of Religious Studies at Westminster, has published his third book on environmental theology and his sixth book overall: Many Heavens, One Earth.

Dr. Cain describes his book in the work’s official description:

“Many Heavens, One Earth
 is a collection of first-person voices from nine of the world religions.  In fifteen chapters, scholars reveal the contributions these traditions make to informing and motivating an ecological response to the environmental issues that beset planet earth.  The spiritual messages of world religions have an indispensable and decisive role to play in addressing these environmental problems, for, at their root, these ecological issues are spiritual problems.

Unless greed is replaced by moderation and sharing, materialism by spiritual insights and values, consumerism by restraint and simpler living, exploitation by respect and service, and pollution by caring and protection, nature’s hospitality will be foolishly rebuffed and our descendants will inherit a polluted and depleted earth.

Faculty & Staff - CliffCainsBookReligion can be, and must be, a part of this replacement.  These contributions demonstrate that since at least 90% of the world’s people claim allegiance to various major world religious traditions, religions can exert a crucial and transforming influence on how people treat the environment around them.”

Dr. Marti Steussy, Professor of Hebrew Bible at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, reviewed Many Heavens, One Earth and had this to say:

“The essays in this much-needed and well-written book provide up-to-date reflections on religious themes and teachings that can help us think about the proper place of humans in earth’s ecosystems.  Many Heavens, One Earth is at once readable enough for beginners and authoritative enough for use by scholars.  Clifford Chalmers Cain has done a great service for religious scholarship and the world in assembling this book.”

Congratulations to Dr. Cain on his most recent publication!

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