New Professor Profile: Dr. Anisur Rahman

Get to know Dr. Anisur Rahman, Assistant Professor of Finance and Economics

Education: Doctorate in Finance from Florida International University in Miami; MBA from Willamette University in Oregon; BBA from Khulna University in Khulna, Bangladesh


You teach finance. What are your classes like?

I greatly enjoy teaching finance! I emphasize learning the quantitative models of finance as much as understanding the intuition behind those models. That is why I strongly encourage student participation in the class and relate class discussions to real-world problems. I would like my students to see why we are learning what it is that we are learning!

What qualities make someone particularly successful in the financial industry?

Given the ever-changing financial industry and with it the nature of problems we must deal with, an analytical mindset and creativity are very important to succeed in this field.

What do you think is the biggest challenge that people in the finance profession face today?

One of the biggest challenges in finance is making sure that we use our financial knowledge and skills in an ethical manner.

What does the future of finance look like?

I think finance is going to be increasingly important as businesses and financial markets are being ever more connected to each other.


What is your favorite quote?

Dream big and dare to fail. –Norman Vaughan

How did you find your purpose?

I find purpose when I realize that I have an obligation to give back to the society.

Most rewarding professional experience?

Prior to starting my M.B.A. and Ph.D., I worked as an Internal Auditor in GrameenPhone in Bangladesh with a group of incredibly talented and kind-hearted people.


What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy reading books.

Favorite food?

Middle-eastern cuisine.

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