Information Technology Students Spend Summer Earning Hands-On Career Experience

Above, Westminster students Ian Whittington, Manoj Ghimire, and Pranish Kotha rewired and documented the analog phone cabinet for a new phone system on campus. Below, see before and after photos of the project.

Each year, students workers provide service in offices across campus, and while campus is not as busy during the summer months, work continues. This summer, three students pursuing degrees in Information Technology — Manoj Ghimire, Pranish Kotha, and Ian Whittington — provided both valuable service to Westminster and gained valuable, hands-on experience that helps prepare them for their future careers. 

These gentlemen have really proven themselves this summer and gained some valuable experience along the way,” said Chad Doebelin, Systems Administrator/Network Support. “I know that they are going to be a beneficial asset to whatever lucky organization gets them after they leave Westminster.”

“These students are a great example of how liberal arts education and real world experience come together to create some amazing results,” says Matt Vore, Director of Enterprise Data Management.

 Below, read a list of projects they helped to complete.

  • Reconfigured 140 network switches with security updates
  • Migrated IT security data to new platform
  • Programmed and setup new asset management & inventory tools to check out IT equipment (cable boxes, spare laptops, etc.)
  • Helped setup computers and relocate IT staff and student equipment three different times/locations due to the IT house fire and other personnel changes
  • Deployed 300 analog phones across campus (hanging, wiring)
  • Programmed and delivered 200 faculty and staff IP phones across campus
  • Organized 400+ cable boxes for incoming student checkout
  • Analyzed and used troubleshooting skills while reviewing classroom technology for all the classrooms on campus, providing IT documentation on what needs to be ordered and fixed for the upcoming school year.
  • Completed 130 helpdesk tickets for Staff and IT
  • Rewired and documented the analog phone cabinet to new phone system (pictured). The increased organization and documentation will save many hours and allow for quicker response times when diagnosing analog phone issues on campus.

Are you an employer interested in providing career experience to a Westminster student? Click here to find out how you can support students through internships.

New analog phone cabinet before re-wiring.

Analog phone cabinet after re-wiring.


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