Blue Blazers Congratulates New Members

Westminster’s Blue Blazers Investment Committee (BBIC) is a student-run stock analysis and investment group. The BBIC account is part of the Westminster Endowment, and was seeded with $200,000 in 1996 by the Westminster Board of Trustees, to facilitate student learning  about investing in the stock market firsthand. The group hit a milestone in September 2014 when their portfolio topped $500,000. The group’s financial success helps fund trips to explore and network with key financial groups, including on New York City’s Wall Street.

The group consists of around 40 members, and each spring a new group of students are selected to join BBIC after a two-round interview process. This February, BBIC welcomed 17 new members.

Westminster College congratulates the newest members of the Blue Blazers Investment Committee:

Andy Zotos ’17

Ben Campbell ’18

Blake Harris ’18

Bobby Sweeney ’18

Browin Msubo ’16

Connor Muenks ’17

Jacques Erasmus ’18

Jordan Cox ’17

Kaitlin Fitzpatrick ’16

Karley Long ’18

Kunzes Dumbang ’16

Michael Rondon ’17

Mustafe Elmi ‘17

Percy Vanacht ‘17

Shahil Shrestha ‘17

Sireen Tamrakar ‘17

Yuanfei Zhai ’18.

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