Congratulations to Newly Tenured Faculty and Cameron D. Day Chair

At the February 2015 Board of Trustees meeting, six of Westminster’s top rated faculty were awarded tenure.

“Tenure at Westminster is a commitment, an affirmation that our new faculty are vital members of our academic community,” says Dr. Carolyn Perry. “It is a way of recognizing the outstanding work of the faculty and encouraging them to continue on.”

“Given the remarkably high ratings our faculty receive year after year, the steady output of outstanding academic research, and the countless hours of service faculty give to our students and College, our tenure system is fulfilling its goals, and it will ensure a strong faculty for Westminster for years to come.”

The following faculty achieved this professional milestone:

Also at the February meeting, Dr. Mike Amspoker was approved for another term as the Cameron D. Day Chair in Biology.

A series of profiles on each of these faculty members will be shared in the coming weeks.

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